We aim to impart our knowledge and develop the curiosity of the younger generation towards nature. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness about environmental issues that directly impact biodiversity and the overall quality of life for individuals. To achieve this, we invite you to visit Wolwekraal, but kindly note that prior arrangements are necessary. This will ensure that we are available to open gates, provide guided tours, or even arrange mentors for a more enriching experience. To make arrangements, please reach out to Sue (082 7700206) or Bertus (082 6509792) via WhatsApp.

School Groups

We welcome learners from local and more distant schools. We can offer nature walks or more focussed studies. Teachers are welcome to bring groups to Wolwekraal Nature Reserve for practical work

University Groups

University groups are welcome to visit Wolwekraal Nature Reserve to observe the environment or to conduct field studies. We can advise on camp sites
and affordable accommodation.

Work Experience

Every year, we typically welcome one or two work-experience conservation students from reputable technikon universities such as NMU or UNISA. They stay with us for 6 to 12 months, dividing their time between assisting with research, maintenance of fences and paths, guiding, development of teaching material, and involvement with outreach work such as environmental education for school groups. Interns are generally unpaid but accommodated free of charge in a shared house.

Adult Education

Occasionally, with the help of Renu-Karoo personnel, we run courses for adults such as garden clubs or public work programmes. These focus on plant propagation, composting, garden establishment and garden maintenance skills

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