Wolwekraal Nature Reserve

Wolwekraal Nature Reserve
photo: Sue Dean


Wolwekraal Nature Reserve is a small protected area (113 ha) on Section 2 of the farm Wolwekraal (Farm 211) in the Municipality and Division Prince Albert, Western Cape Province. It was acquired by Sue and Richard Dean, in 2005 for conservation purposes, and in 2013 was registered as a CapeNature “in perpetuity” Stewardship protected area (in Terms of Section 23(3) of the National Environmental Management Protected Areas Act) following the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the owners and the Department of Environment Affairs.The vegetation of Wolwekraal Nature Reserve includes the only formally protected example of Prince Albert Succulent Karoo, a vegetation type threatened by development of housing, orchards, gravel and sand mining. The good condition of the veld, the healthy populations of some highly localized and rare plant species, cultural artifacts and a two kilometre stretch of the Dorpsrivier make it a useful addition to the CapeNature protected areas network. It is located close enough to the village of Prince Albert to offer free environmental education to school learners.


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 Wolwekraal Nature Reserve
Birds, insects, reptiles

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Wolwekraal Nature Reserve  
Cultural History


Wolwekraal Nature Reserve
Plants Wolwekraal Nature Reserve



 Aloe claviflora

Aloe claviflora   photo: Sue Dean

 Namaqua chameleon on the Wolwekraal Nature Reserve

Namaqua chameleon on the Wolwekraal Nature Reserve  photo: Sue Dean


Cape Sparrow and Aloe claviflora

Cape Sparrow and Aloe claviflora


Elephant shrew and Aloe claviflora (midnight)

 Elephant shrew and Aloe claviflora (midnight)

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Phone Sue Milton-Dean 082 7700 206 



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