Observations on environmental change in South Africa

Environmental Change in South Africa

Zietsman, H.L. 2011. Observations on environmental change in South Africa.

Sun Media, Stellenbosch. ISBN 978-1-920338-24-4 

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Section 1 People and Environmental Change

Vogel C Introduction

Kok PC & van Tonder L Human population trends in South   Africa 

Twine W Drivers of natural resource use by rural households in the Central Lowveld 

Erasmus BFN, Coetzer KL, Archer ERM, Fisher JT & Asner GP Environmental change in Bushbuckridge

Van Zyl D, Malherbe J & Newby TS Living with drought – adaptations, alleviation & monitoring 26-36

Vogel C Cliamate change – risks, adaptation & sustainability. 36-40


Section 2 Atmospheric system and climatic changes

Piketh SJ Introduction

Laakso L & Pienaar JJ Air pollution and the interactions between atmosphere, biosphere and the anthroposphere 47-56

Meiklejohn KI Marion Island’s disappearing ice cap 57-64

Midgley GF Climate change, species and ecosystems 63-66


Section 3 States and trends in the terrestrial Environment

Hoffman MT Rangelands introduction 71-73

Milton SJ & Dean WRJ Rangelands: changes in rangeland natural capital 74-79

Hoffman MT & Rohde R Long-term changes in the vegetation of southern Africa as revealed by repeat photography 79-83

Ward D Bush encroachment in southern African savanna 83-87

Wessels KJ, Steenkamp K, Maltitz G & Archibald S Detecting inter-annual variability in phenological characteristics of southern Africa’s vegetation using satellite imagery 88-91

Wessels KJ & Dwyer PC Impact of ENSO event on the Kruger National Park 92-96

Van Aardt JAN, Mathieu R, Cho M, Wessels KJ, Erasmus BFN, Asner GP & Smit IPJ Assessing degradation across a land-use gradient in the Kruger National Park area using advanced remote sensing models. 97-103

Wessels KJ Monitoring land degradation with long-term satellite data 104-108

Richardson FD & Hoffman MT Using models to predict the probability of degradation of rangelands when subjected to different management strategies. 109-115

Van Aard JAN, Cho M, Main R, Mathieu R, Somers B, Norris-Rogers M, Verreynne S, Verstraeten W & Coppin P Case studies in capital intensive crops towards system modelling of ecosystems using integrated hyperspectral remote sensing and in situ inputs. 116-122

Van Wilgen BW Invasive alien species: Introduction 123-126

Iponga DM Towards a predictive understanding of invasion success 127-130

Van Wilgen BW & Impson ND Are invasive aliens a real threat to biodiversity in South Africa ? 130-134

Van Wilgen NJ & Richardson DM Defining appropriate responses for addressing the increasing trade in alien species 135-139

Chown SL, Terauds A, Huntley BJ, Le Roux PC, Ramaswiela T, Shaw JD & McGeoch MA South Africa’s southern sentinel – terrestrial change at sub-antarctic Marion Island 140-147

Van Aardt JAN, Kotze I, Cho M, Mathieu R & Norris-Rogers M Species-level classification using imaging spectroscopy for the detection of invasive alien species 147-153

Wassenaar TD Mining: Introduction

Dean WRJ & Milton SJ Overview of mining types, spatial distribution, costs and benefits 156-161

Van Aarde RJ, Wassenaar TD & Guldemond RAR Restoring the mined coastal sand dunes of Kwa Zulu-Natal 161-167

McCarthy TS & Pretorius JP Coal mining on the Highveld and its implications for future water quality in the Vaal River system 168-173

Annandale JG, Beletse YG, Stirzaker RJ & Bristow KL Managing poor quality coal mine water 174-177


Section 4: States and Trends in the aquatic Environment

Whitfield AK & Matlala M Freshwater and estuarine systems: introduction 181-182

James NC & Paterson AW Estuaries and global change 183-186

James NC, Whitfield AK & Cowley PD Estuarine fish communities in hot water? 187-189

Skelton PH & Coetzer W Changing patterns of freshwater fish diversity in South Africa 190-192

Le Maitre D, Scott D & Versveld The impacts of afforestation on surface water resources. 193-196

Sekwele RC The South African rivers health programme 197-200

Pillay DL A multi-temporal; approach for identifying and mapping changes in wetlands using satellite imagery. 201-209

Brundrit G Marine Inshore Environment: Introduction

Theron AK Climate change, sea-level rise and the Southern African coastal zone 212-217

Mather AA Sea level rise and its anticipated impacts along the east coast of South Africa 217-221

Smith AM, Mather AA, Theron AK , Bundy SC & Guastella LAM The 2006-2007 KwaZulu-Natal coastal erosion event in perspective 222-226

Brundrit G, Cartwright A, Dekker G, Fairhurst L & Oelofse G Sea level rise for Cape Town 227-232

Bernard KS, Goschen WS & Hermes JC Climate change and coastal upwelling 233-237

Götz A Using marine protected areas as a tool for long-term monitoring of coastal marine biota. 238-246

Crawford RJM & Ryan PG Seabirds: sentinels of southern Africa ’s seas. 247-256

Cockcroft AC Large-scale shifts in the spatial distribution of West Coast rock lobster in South Africa 257-262

Lutjeharms JRE Marine Offshore Environment: Introduction 263

Lutjeharms JRE The Southern African Oceans 264-267

Roualt M, Penven P & Pohl B On the recent warming of the Agulhas Current 268-270

Reason CJC & Hermes JC Climate change and variability in southern Africa and regional ocean influences 270-272

Bernard KS The impacts of ocean acidification on a keystone Southern Ocean species 173-275



O’Connor TG SAEONs approach toward long-term environmental observation 276-277


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