Wolwekraal Conservation and Research Organisation (WCRO)

WCRO is a non-profit organisation based in Prince Albert in the Western Cape of South Africa. Our vision is to contribute to the conservation of habitat, fauna and flora in perpetuity on Wolwekraal Nature Reserve. In so doing it will raise public awareness for conservation and environmental issues, provide training and encourage research on ecological restoration and Karoo biodiversity. WCRO activities will stimulate and contribute to the sustainable use and conservation of other natural areas in the Prince Albert Municipal area and beyond.


Our major objectives are to

  1. Conserve the natural and cultural environment of Wolwekraal Nature Reserve through maintenance of the infrastructure and security of the protected area.
  2. Provide internship and other training opportunities for students to document and research ecological, archaeological and historical aspects of the Wolwekraal Nature Reserve and the Prince Albert Municipal area.
  3. Identify, support and mentor research on biodiversity and ecological restoration in the Nama and Succulent Karoo.
  4. Provide environmental and natural history education for the public and for schools.
  5. Transfer and develop skills in natural history within the local community.
  6. Raise funds for its activities and manage these funds to achieve its objectives.
  7. Work in collaboration with other organisations and government to identify and assist in the conservation of other natural and cultural environments in the Prince Albert Municipal area.
  8. Provide access to information pertaining to its activities and management through regular open and transparent communication.


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South African Revenue Service Tax Number 9541/939/16/2;

NPO Reg. Num 121-079 (15.05.2013)

DONATIONS to support the conservation work being done by the Wolwekraal Conservation and Research Organisation can be made to the following account:

Account name: Wolwekraal Conservation and Research Organisation 

Bank: ABSA

Branch: 632005 (Prince Albert)

Savings acc: 9279086496   


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